2021 – Is it an employers market?

In the current market, there are lots of candidates seeking work. However, that doesn’t mean there is no competition to entice people to work for you.  As an organisation, you will need to work harder than ever to attract people with the skills, behaviours and capabilities you need, to work for you. 

From Compare My Salary, we know that 72% of candidates in office roles are looking for higher pay as the top motivation to move jobs, with the top benefit being free parking.  For marketing roles, 72% high pay is the top motivation with the top benefit being flexible working hours. HR candidates are looking for 65% are looking for higher pay, with the top benefit being free parking.  But this isn’t the whole picture. 

To help you persuade them to work for you, we thought we would share what candidates are currently seeking from an employer in 2021:


Trust from a manager is extremely important and candidates feel that when they are micromanaged it makes them feel slightly anxious and hence not able to work as efficiently.  They like to know their Manager will trust and enable them to get their job done efficiently.

Stability within their job

Bearing in mind the current economic uncertainty, Security and stability seem to be one of the main priorities for candidates. If you are unsure about how a role will work within your organisation consider recruiting temporary or interim contracts.  Not only does this enable you to test the work requirement, but it also gives you greater flexibility within your workforce.


If your company is seen to be investing in its employees, then this can be attractive to candidates. This would demonstrate that you see them as having a future within your company, therefore offering stability.

Meaningful Work

Sometimes you lose employees when they feel they are not being challenged.  This can be implied by maybe the type of work or the volume of work.

Lots of candidates would ideally like to do some work that can expand their skills.  If they don’t feel challenged, then they may start to look for a new role.

Total Package

In order of priority, the following list gives an idea of what is important to candidates.

  1. Attractive benefits and perks such as gym membership
  2. High salaries
  3. Work-life balance
  4. Flexibility to work at home

Ultimately, the complete package will bring you the best people so research what makes your organisation stand out from your competitors.

Flexibility and Location

Many of us have been working from home during the pandemic and we’ve found we actually like it as it can offer a better work-life balance, along with managing our working responsibilities (and getting less distracted!). 

Many organisations have become much more used to supporting a team remotely and so employers may no longer be specifying the need for candidates to work at their premises. This could lead to people working for companies in a completely different location and gives much wider access to the talent pool.

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Written by

Alison Hall

Alison started her recruitment career in 1996 finding temporary office staff. She’s now a Managing Consultant who joined Pure in 2006 to set up our professional office division. She’s now responsible for temporary and contract office-support roles. Alison prides herself on her high levels of customer service, and on building long-term partnerships with our clients.

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