Pure crowned global winners in intranet communication awards

We were delighted to be presented with an All-Star Intranet Strategy Award in recognition of the connected and vibrant workplace we’ve created for all our employees across our four offices.

What makes it extra special is that these awards, run by Jostle, are open to organisations worldwide using Jostle’s People Engagement intranet. To be selected as the most outstanding example of a company using this social platform really is a testament to our commitment to ensuring our people are at the heart of our business. We strive to be a rewarding place to work where our people are happy, supported, rewarded and motivated to go the extra mile for our customers.

So, why did we stand out from the crowd?

The way we use our intranet has been key to supporting our company values of teamwork, quality, innovation, reward, support and delivering the best results. It has enhanced our employee engagement and the improved connection with our people has contributed to the continued growth and success of Pure.

Encouraging teamwork

Our intranet creates a sense of community across our workplace. Colleagues share fun photos of what’s happening across our offices, top tips and interesting news stories. The people section is widely used to help people get to know each other, supporting new recruits, in particular, to feel part of Pure by being able to put faces to names and gain a better understanding of people’s roles. New starters are also asked to upload their own profile to introduce themselves to everyone. Jostle has also become the natural platform to support social interaction. It’s used to wish colleagues a happy birthday, recognise work anniversaries and to celebrate personal events such as births, wedding and engagements.

Quality communication

We want all our employees to be inspired by our purpose and values, and to understand how they play a part in achieving our overall success. We post regular articles from our leadership team, including a monthly update by our CEO, on the intranet to ensure a consistent awareness of company news and successes. The Jostle App also means those who work part-time and who are on maternity leave are always kept up to date with new people at Pure and new developments. We don’t just share business updates but also external achievements such as press coverage and great examples of customer feedback; all of which helps to further engage our team in a collective vision.

Increasing innovation

We’ve also used our intranet to open up two-way communication, fuel discussion and to help us to improve our internal engagement. We've recently introduced a 'virtual suggestion box' which is proving a great success in implementing ideas, gaining feedback and increasing the sharing of good ideas. It’s a great way to run polls so we can gain companywide opinions on a range of topics from dress codes to Christmas party plans. The discussion section on Jostle has also been widely used by our marketing team to gain insight and opinions of recruitment trends to help produce advice articles for our clients and candidates.

Rewarding our employees

We also wanted to find more ways to celebrate successes and recognise good practice. Jostle has become a great platform for us to do this and for all our team to participate. We encourage our colleagues to post ‘shout-outs’ to team members to thank them for the support they’ve received and to highlight great work.

Support for our employees

Here at Pure, our intranet has become our central hub for all our company-wide information. It gives employees an easy way to find the information they need, from company policies and marketing materials to learning and development documents and tips and tools to help them feel supported. It is featured in day one of our induction for new employees, providing them with an online handbook of everything they need to know about Pure, the people within it and how things are done.

We listened and delivered

We originally introduced the Jostle intranet as a result of feedback from our employees in our annual culture and engagement survey. The results showed that as our business continued to grow, people felt that our internal communication was not as strong as it had been. We wanted a portal which would enable all our staff, across our four offices, to be able to access the same information and updates at the same time. The way we use our intranet today has not only delivered on this, it has become integral to all elements of our company culture.

Want to know more about what it is like to work at Pure? Visit and watch our short video.


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Written by

Judith Pugh

Judith joined Pure in 2017 and is responsible for marketing the business, building our marketing strategy and delivering campaigns. Judith’s worked in marketing for more than 20 years across a range of industries – from health and fitness, horticulture, GIS software, education and now recruitment.

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