Pure supports UEA students to prepare for finding their first career role

Pure has helped students at the University of East Anglia (UEA) to maximise their chances of securing their first foot on the career ladder after graduation.

Recruitment consultant Ruben Davis, who specialises in IT and Technical Support recruitment, joined students at the university’s faculty of computer science on Monday (20 February). A previous UEA graduate himself, he shared tips and advice on entering the world of job hunting and how to maximise the chances of securing a dream role.

Ruben said: “This was a fantastic opportunity to help prepare the students on what to expect when they leave university. The world of recruitment is always evolving and the candidate selection processes rarely just consists of an interview now. We’re proud to help support the growth of the talent pipeline in our region. This includes helping to prepare the up-and-coming talent emerging from our local universities with an understanding of the many different types of processes they may encounter. Having an advance understanding of recruitment techniques such as psychometric testing, aptitude tests and assessment centres will help them to excel and leave a lasting impression.”

As well as general tips on interview preparation, Ruben advised the students on how their social media presence could either be a significant help or hindrance when job hunting. He also shared tips on how to build a successful rapport with interviewers, even if the conversation is being held over the phone, or on a Skype call, as is becoming increasingly more frequent.

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