Best Employers campaign is supporting business success in the region

Pure Resourcing Solutions and eras ltd's Best Employers Eastern Region campaign is praised by businesses for its free and valuable feedback on employee engagement.

Businesses in the East of England have the unique opportunity to gain free, independent and professional feedback on how to motivate and engage their most important asset, their employees, through the Best Employers Eastern Region campaign.

To find and celebrate the region's best employers, campaign founders Pure Resourcing Solutions and eras ltd, designed a dedicated survey tool which measures an organisations' culture, values and leadership style as perceived by its own staff.

Lynn Walters, Director at professional recruitment consultants Pure Resourcing Solutions, said:

"Since the campaign launched in March we've received fantastic feedback from employers. Companies have told us that their main motivation for signing up to the campaign was to gain unbiased and third-party feedback on their company as an employer through the culture and values survey. One of the key features of the survey is that it provides benchmark data of how the company compares to other organisations in the region and an independent assessment of how engaged employees are with the company and what, if anything, they can do to improve."

Samantha Di Crescenzo, senior compliance manager at Call Connection Ltd the UK's largest insurance lead generation business, which employers over 260 people and is based in Ipswich, added:

"We wanted to take part in this campaign so we could get an independent view of what our employees thought of our company. It is a great opportunity for us to benchmark where we are against other organisations in the eastern region. We look forward to reviewing the results and seeing how we can continually improve our offerings to our most valuable assets, our staff."

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development describes 'engaged employees' as those who take pride in their job, go the extra mile and are loyal to their business.

Alex Pearce, Managing Director at talent management and psychometric experts eras ltd, added:

"Employee engagement is achieved by employers ensuring staff feel valued and involved, and by creating an environment where people want to come to work and are intrinsically driven to succeed. Every business, regardless of size, sector or industry, is fundamentally a collection of people performing tasks. Whatever a business does they cannot function without productive and committed employees."

The subject of employee engagement has been highlighted by David Cameron and other business leaders as an important consideration for delivering sustainable growth across the UK. National statistics show that a startling one in three employees do not feel engaged by their employer. This has a significant impact on business success as highly engaged employees generate 43 per cent more revenue than the average worker. A lack of productivity by unengaged employees actually costs businesses more in lost working time than staff sick days*.

Lynn Walters added:

"A key aim of the campaign is also to ensure that our region continues to attract and retain top talent and statistics show that engaged employees are 87 per cent less likely to leave an organisation.*

Stephen Rose, from chartered accountants Lakin Rose in Cambridge, added:

"It's not often that companies are offered the opportunity to participate in a valuable survey such as this Best Employers campaign with absolutely no cost or strings attached. We firmly believe that this represents a fantastic opportunity to engage with our employees through this process, so that we can further enhance our understanding of how we can support our staff to provide the very best service for our clients."

Sue Gill, HR manager at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany in Cambridge, which has also signed up to the campaign, agreed. She said:

"To provide an optimum service to our customers we must attract and retain the best people. This means we need to understand our employees; requirements, perceptions and aspirations and how these change at different stages throughout their careers. This professional and independent survey provides an excellent opportunity to validate and augment our own feedback from staff.*"

Companies of all sizes and sectors can still sign up to take part in the campaign with the online survey available until the end of August. Employees are surveyed on areas including leadership style, working environment and benefits offered. Each company will receive an independent report which is entirely confidential to them. Pure Resourcing Solutions and eras ltd will be able to use the overall findings to look at key trends and share best practice across the region.

"We are delighted with the success of this campaign so far," added Lynn. "We have some truly innovative employers in the East of England which take employee engagement extremely seriously. It is our intention to culminate the campaign with a series of breakfast seminars where we will not only present awards but also share best practice. Therefore we want to engage as many companies as possible so we can gather detailed information on emerging trends in employee engagement in the eastern region. We want to give employers the information they need to put both their business, and the region, on the map as a great place to work."

For more information, including a video about the campaign, or to register, visit Or to speak to Lynn Walters in more depth about the campaign email

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