2012 salary guide for employers in Eastern Region

Employers in the Eastern region can check if they are offering competitive salaries to help attract and retain the best employees via Pure Resourcing Solutions’ online 2012 salary guide.

The salary guide reveals the current average pay scales for junior to senior and board-level positions across Pure Resourcing Solutions specialist disciplines including Accountancy, Financial Services, Human Resources, Marketing and Office Support. 

The guide is categorised by county for Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk and is available to download from Pure Resourcing Solutions website. Based on the pay structures from approximately 10,000 candidate placements and interviews with specialist recruitment consultants in the last year, it provides an accurate snap-shot of the average salaries in the region.

Gill Buchanan, Director at Pure Resourcing Solutions, said:

“We are passionate about helping to ensure businesses in the Eastern region are able to attract and retain the best talent. Offering a competitive salary and rewards package is an essential ingredient, but not the only one, for companies that are looking to offer a great place to work. Our annual guide is an essential tool for employers to check how their pay scales rank, especially when recruiting or carrying out pay reviews.”

Ian Walters, Director at Pure Resourcing Solutions, added:

“Obviously geographical factors such as the proximity to London and cost of living all need to be considered when comparing salaries across the entire Eastern region. This is why we have designed the guide to show each county individually. However, there may still be a few surprises for employers.”

"The 2012 guide reveals that although Cambridgeshire generally tops the scale for average salaries in most roles and sectors, Essex is hot on its heels with several of the highest average salaries in the region including for those newly qualified in Accountancy and for HR Manager and Director roles."

"Norfolk has the highest average salary for those working as an Office Account Manager and Suffolk matches Cambridgeshire with equal average highest salaries for Executive Personal Assistants, Project Co-ordinators and HR Administrator roles.” 

The salary guide also provides employees with the chance to check where their salary ranks against others in the same job position.

Ian Walters added:

“People are always naturally curious to know how their salary compares. It is also useful research tool for those considering a career move or who have an up-coming pay review.”

To view the salary guides visit: click here


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