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2011 brings with it a sense of cautious optimism across the HR market in East Anglia. Across the region, permanent recruitment is still slow. However temp and contract job flow has increased, particularly within non-profit organisations that are combating cuts with temporary and contract roles. There is also demand for these contract roles to be filled with part-time or fully qualified HR professionals which is proving difficult as these candidates are normally in permanent roles as they complete their studies.

Cambridge has seen positive moments in the HR clerical and part-time market with a high volume of roles registered in the last two months. Whereas Norfolk and Suffolk have seen a higher demand for training and L&D roles as companies start investing in their existing talent again.

Abby Dillon, HR Recruitment Consultant for Norfolk and Suffolk comments: "Although there has been a positive movement across some areas of the market these are still difficult times and we have seen a demand for professionals with redundancy and restructuring experience also. On the whole senior candidates are becoming more flexible as they realise in today's market they may need to review location, sector and rates. On the whole, however, 2011 has begun with a new air of optimism across East Anglia businesses and organisations."

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