Finding the right fit

As well as filling permanent roles for our clients, we can also help you find talented temporary workers.  

Why Hire temps?

There are lots of reasons why temporary workers could be a great choice for your business. They can: 

  • add expertise for specialist projects
  • cover maternity leave or holidays 
  • help during busy times of year

You might also want to hire someone on a temporary basis to check if they’re right for a particular role, or to work out if a new position is viable. 

Find the right fit

Whatever the need for your additional resources, we have a temporary solution to fit. Below is a brief overview of the type of skills and projects our temporary workers can fulfill within your business.


Accountancy Angela

Angela can help you to manage your finances. For example, she can:

  • help with book-keeping – like recording financial transactions, and making sure your records are accurate and up to date 
  • process invoices and vendor payments, reconcile ledgers, track payments and chase overdue accounts 
  • carry out financial analysis to assess your business performance, evaluate financial risks and opportunities, and recommend improvements 


Marketing Madison

Madison can use her specialist marketing expertise to: 

  • create and curate your social media content, engage with your followers, run campaigns and analyse your performance online 
  • develop content for blogs, websites, newsletters, brochures, flyers and presentations 
  • design and run email marketing campaigns, and analyse their performance


Professional Office Pete

Pete’s available to support your business’s admin and operational needs by: 

  • answering phones, managing calendars for executives or teams, scheduling appointments, and replying to emails and letters 
  • creating and formatting reports, memos, presentations and spreadsheets 
  • planning meetings and events, including scheduling, preparing materials and managing any follow-up tasks 


Human Resources Hannah

Hannah’s ready to support your business by:  

  • managing employee relations, including conflicts, grievances and disciplinary actions, and helping employees and managers resolve issues more quickly
  • helping with performance management processes, including setting goals, evaluating performance and creating performance improvement plans 
  • designing initiatives to improve employee engagement and retention – like employee satisfaction surveys, events and recognition programmes 


Supply Chain Steve

Steve’s ready to support your operations by:  

  • identifying, evaluating and choosing suppliers, negotiating contracts and managing supplier relationships 
  • overseeing warehouse operations – like receiving, storage and order fulfilment processes, bringing in warehouse management systems, and improving layouts and workflows 
  • putting quality assurance processes and procedures in place, including inspections and audits 


Technology Ted

Ted’s ready to help you with all things technical. Bring him in to: 

  • fix hardware, software or network issues  
  • carry out testing and quality assurance activities for software applications
  • analyse data for business insights, including data visualisation and reporting   


Ready to talk temps?

Contact us to talk about the help you need, and we’ll get started on finding the right person (or people) for you right away. To make sure the process runs smoothly, we’ll: 

  • check your temps are eligible to work in the UK (using Home Office-approved ID verification technology) 
  • gain two years of references  
  • interview all of our candidates

Our work doesn’t stop once your temps start either. We’ll also take care of: 

  • tracking the time they work using our online timesheet system
  • carrying out ongoing compliance checks, including under the Agency Workers Regulations
  • paying them on your behalf 

Our promise to you

Whatever you need temps for, we'll work closely with you to find the right person or people. Then we'll do everything we can to slot them quickly and seamlessly into your business - whether you need someone for a day, a week, a month, or even longer.

We’re also a member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation. So we’ve committed to working to the highest principles of ethics, equity, integrity, professional conduct and fair practice in recruitment.