Finding the right (temporary) fit – why hiring specialist temp staff could be the smartest thing you do all year

Lots of us think of temporary staff as people you bring in to support your existing workforce. But using temporary workers with specialist or niche skills in particular industries could give your business the competitive edge – both in the short and long term. 

If you suddenly find your organisation needs someone with specific skills or experience, for example for a specialist or large contract, or a project type you haven’t tackled before, you might think you need to create a permanent position to get the right person. In fact, there are lots of highly qualified people out there who’d love to offer you their skills on a temporary or project-by-project basis. In this blog we’re going to talk about why this type of employee could be a real boost for your business, and how we can help you find them.

The benefits of choosing temps over permanent sTAFF

You'll have expertise available immediately

Our consultants have built large networks of temporary workers for each of our specialisms (accountancy, human resources, technology, marketing, professional office, and supply chain & engineering) at every level. Every one of those workers has different qualifications, skills and experience – like an HR Manager, Office Coordinator, Software Developer...the list goes on. That means that if you need bespoke expertise or skills quickly, chances are we’ll already have the perfect person on our books.

It can be more cost effective

Hiring temporary workers for specialist projects rather than permanent staff can save you money. That’s because you avoid expenses around benefits and training, and all the other long-term commitments that come with permanent hires. 

Using temps can be beneficial for your existing workforce too. How? Because when you bring in temporary workers for specialised tasks, it leaves your core staff to focus on (and excel at) their own responsibilities. No more being pulled away to work on short-term projects or tasks that are outside their remits. That means a happier workforce, and more engaged employees. 

You'll get your workers in place more quickly

Getting temp workers into your business is much faster than hiring permanent employees. That's because people looking for temporary work don't have to work lengthy notice periods elsewhere - so they'll be ready to get started straight away. This could make a real difference if you work in a fast-paced industry or if your business is going through rapid change, for example due to a merger or restructuring.

If you hire your temp workers through Pure, we'll take care of the admin too - like getting references and running right-to-work checks. We'll even pay them on your behalf. That means your specialist temp will be able to start adding value to your company almost immediately. And you won't have to worry about spending time on endless paperwork.

You might find your next star employee

We're pleased to say that lots of our temps have gone on to take up permanent positions at the end of their contracts. That's because their employers were able to see first-hand how they fitted into their company, embraced their culture, and exceeded expectations in their roles.

We also have clients who've used temps to test out if a new role is going to work, for example to see if there's enough demand for it. Taking on a specialist temp is a great way to check this without committing to the time and expense of a full-time permanent employee. Then even better news that if it does work, you might already have the perfect candidate in place - your temp worker.

Are you ready to take on a temp?

Get in touch with your local office to find your specialist temporary staff today. 

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Written by

Ben Farrow

Ben has over 18 years’ experience in specialist recruitment. He joined Pure in 2011 and has helped us grow and develop the business across Essex. Ben’s responsible for leading senior HR recruitment, using his strong networks and relationships across the region. He’s also part of our leadership team, overseeing business operations across Essex and Suffolk, and taking the lead on HR, learning and development, quality, compliance, IT and infrastructure functions.

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