Introducing our 2022 salary survey

We’re all working in a competitive job market – in fact, at Pure we’re advertising 40% more jobs than this time last year (back to pre-pandemic demand). So if you want to recruit the very best people, it’s incredibly important that your salaries and benefits are as good as – or better – than your competitors. It’s also equally important that these are sustainable for your business in the long term. But how can you make sure you’re offering the right package?

Our 2022 salary survey has all the answers to this (and more).

What is it?

Our survey is packed with information about salaries across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk, ordered by sector and job title.

We know it’s not just about money for a lot of job seekers these days though. So we’ve also talked about the benefits side of things – because expectations have changed significantly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. And finally, we’ve included our thoughts on the current recruitment landscape in the eastern region, as well as trends that are here to stay.

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Written by

Judith Pugh

Judith joined Pure in 2017 and is responsible for marketing the business, marketing strategy and delivering campaigns. Judith has worked in marketing for more than 20 years across a range of industries from health and fitness, horticulture, GIS software, education and now recruitment.

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