Pure wins global award for its internal communications and intranet strategy

Pure has been presented with a global award in recognition of its effort and commitment to create an extraordinary workplace by connecting people through its staff intranet.

The professional recruitment specialists were crowned the All-Star winners in the Intranet Strategy category at the annual Jostle Awards. The awards are open to organisations across 159 countries which use Jostle’s People Engagement intranet as a platform to share communications with employees across the business.

The Intranet Strategy award is presented to the organisation which is considered to be an outstanding example of how the Jostle intranet platform can be used help create a connected and vibrant workplace. Pure won the overall All-Star Intranet Strategy Award, with Kinzler Construction Services in America being presented with the Rising Star award.

Pure has offices in Cambridge, Chelmsford, Ipswich and Norwich. Its intranet provides a platform for all colleagues to access the same information and updates at the same time. It has become the ‘go to’ place for all companywide information as well as increasing communication between offices with 'shout outs' to team members and sharing fun photos of team activities including charity fundraising.

Gill Buchanan, Chief Operating Officer at Pure, said: “Jostle underpins our employee engagement strategy and is integral to all elements of our company culture. It has increased awareness of company updates and changes and has become a great platform for sharing and recognising good ideas and celebrating successes across all four of our offices. It is key to supporting our company values of teamwork, quality, innovation, reward, support and delivering of best results. As a result, it has reinforced the continued growth and success of our organisation.”

As well as a trophy, the Jostle Award celebration pack included an Amazon voucher which Pure’s Directors spent on celebration goodies to be delivered to team members at each of its four offices.

Pure has also previously won the Jostle Award for ‘Vibrant Culture’ and ‘The Radically Better Organisation of the Year’. 

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