Five reasons to sign up for the Best Employers Eastern Region 2018 employee survey

The Best Employers Eastern Region 2018 employee survey is now live. As well as the chance to be crowned one of the region’s Best Employers, there are many other benefits to participating. Here are five reasons why one survey can have a big, positive impact on your business. 

It’s easy for you and your employees

At the Best Employers Eastern Region 2018 launch event it emerged that around half of the employers in attendance had never run an employee survey before. Reasons included a lack of time and being unsure where to start. The Best Employers survey is already in place and it is ready to go. It’s easy for employees to complete online and has been expertly developed to capture reliable and accurate feedback on your company’s culture and values, and the impact this has on engagement. It is also very easy to customise by adding your own bespoke questions if you want to. Any existing employee surveys can be incorporated into the Best Employers initiative to gain added benefits, such as the chance to benchmark your results against others in the region.

It encourages honest answers

To get the honest feedback needed to gain an accurate picture of current engagement levels, employees want to feel confident that their answers are held on a safe, confidential platform. Because the Best Employers survey is hosted externally, the survey responses are sent directly to eras ltd. Each participating organisation doesn’t get to see the feedback until the final, anonymous report. Employers still get the data they need, but only the pertinent business details remain.

It helps you to discover what really matters

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to increasing employee engagement. Before you can make any changes it’s important to understand what really drives your staff. Employee engagement levels are not necessarily about having the best employee benefits or providing the highest salary. It encompasses everything from the overall work environment and how the leaders behave, through to progression opportunities and having an inspiring vision. The Best Employers Eastern Region survey provides detailed feedback on how staff perceive their organisation’s current culture, their understanding of the company vision and values, and how supported, empowered and engaged they feel.

It provides expert guidance and a network of support

The employee survey is just one element of the Best Employers Eastern Region initiative. As well as a report summarising the findings of the survey, participating organisations also receive expert guidance on any potential areas for improvement. They can also connect with others to share solutions at the seminars and networking events organised as part of the Best Employers Eastern Region initiative. Run biennially, the Best Employers survey also gives organisations the chance to continue to monitor feedback as they develop their engagement strategies. At the launch of Best Employers Eastern Region 2018, George Sik from eras ltd revealed that almost all who had taken part in the 2014 survey had improved their scores in 2016.  

It’s completely free!

The survey is completely free to all organisations which participate between April and August 2018 as part of the Best Employers Eastern Region initiative. There are no hidden costs. It is also the only survey of its kind which allows employers to compare themselves with other regional organisations for free, helping to really inform strategic planning and deliver long-term organisational change. 

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Written by

Lynn Walters

Lynn is a founding Director of Pure and leads Pure Executive. She has over 25 years’ experience recruiting for executive appointments, and helps east of England-based businesses with senior management and board-level recruitment. Lynn also leads our Best Employers Eastern Region initiative and Women’s Leadership Programme, both of which help companies and people develop.

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