Pure brings region’s PAs together for an interactive session on stress and wellbeing

Pure brought together Personal Assistants (PAs) from across the region for a breakfast seminar focussed on providing top tips on managing stress and improving wellbeing.

The seminar, held on Thursday 5 October at Pure’s Cambridge office in Histon, included guest speaker Louise Lloyd. As a wellbeing coach with over 15 years’ experience, Louise led an interactive session for the 14 attendees which looked at challenges around wellbeing, how stress impacts on people and provided practical tips for everyday working life.

Louise explained: “The challenges of keeping up with the pace of everyday life can take its toll on our health and wellbeing. Stress can rob us of leading joyful, fulfilled lives and can lead us to live in a constant fight or flight mode where the continual stress response can eventually lead to ill health. That’s why learning how to manage our own energy and wellbeing is vital in maintaining wellbeing and long-term resilience in life.”

Viktoriya Vladimirova, recruitment consultant at Pure, organised the event. She added: “Our office support recruitment teams work with PAs every day and we know that this role is an essential lynchpin in any organisation. Our aim is to provide regular events dedicated to the PAs in our region and to support them in extending their professional networks, learning new things and sharing experiences. Because the nature of a PA’s role means they are often juggling many things at once, the topic of stress and wellbeing, and the opportunity to provide practical tips and advice, seemed extremely apt for our latest event. Plus, PAs are usually in a very central role within a business, which means they are also well placed to pass these tips on to their colleagues, benefiting the overall wellbeing of their workplace as well.”

The event covered simple and effective relaxation techniques, the benefits and application of Mindfulness and overall tips on learning to manage stress for both immediate and long-term benefits.

For more information about future PA events hosted by Pure contact Viktoriya Vladimirova on

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