Seeking the next Women in Leadership

The successful Women’s Leadership Programme has opened its application for the second programme of 2016 and will be taking place in June and September 2016 at Paddocks House Hotel, Newmarket.

Developed by Pure and People and Performance, the programme has been designed to develop talented aspiring female leaders, equipping them with the tools needed to evolve organisational culture at the same time as removing workplace barriers, the programme will be in two modules held in June and September: module one taking place on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 June and module two taking place on Wednesday 14 and 15 September 2016.

Held over two modules, the programme is beneficial for organisations and delegates alike.

For organisations, the programme sets to challenge how your culture defines gender equality strategy; helps identify and sponsor talent; be aware of unconscious bias and how to remove it from your organisation as well as support women to be authentic and effective leaders

For delegates, this course will: provide a support network with peers facing similar issues; help define your ambition and provide tools and practical examples to realise this; empower, support and guide – through mentoring and strategic modelling – the future leaders. Why women only? Historically women have tended to be the primary carer in the household, making their experience and opportunities very different to mail counterparts. This environment encourages women to share and explore their experiences within a supportive setting, without being judged, whilst stretching them to step fully into their authentic leadership style.

Lynn Walters, Co-founder and Director of Pure, comments: “The programme’s generous sponsors could help two aspiring women fulfil their career ambitions, while helping to make positive change and setting standards and expectations for other women. Diversity is widely understood to be fundamental to the sustained growth of any business and therefore, having a talent pipeline of future executives including both male and females will lead to increased future profits and help boost the bottom line.”

To find out how to apply and check their eligibility for the places, candidates should email or call Pure on 01473 250990.

Pure runs the Women’s Leadership Programme in partnership with People & Performance, a strategic HR consultancy.

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