Employees in the region fear they’re missing job opportunities

Employees in the region fear they're missing job opportunities

More than half of people in the east of England believe they have missed out on their ideal job, because they heard about it too late.

According to a survey*, 59 per cent of workers in the region think they missed the chance to apply for a suitable role.

The findings have prompted Pure Resourcing Solutions to re-launch its website with a job alert system to ensure interested people get immediate notification of new vacancies.

Ian Walters, managing director at Pure Resourcing Solutions which carried out the survey, explained the importance of ensuring people had instant access to jobs which suit them.

"We pride ourselves on placing people in their ideal jobs and recognise that, to do this effectively, people need to know about suitable vacancies straight away.

"Our new job alert system is ideal for those who are considering a new challenge, but might not have the time to be hunting for jobs everyday. Equally we don't want employers in the region to miss out on the perfect candidate."

Pure's new website is linked to the candidate database so jobseekers get alerts immediately after vacancies are posted, rather than having to wait for a daily or even weekly summary which can be the case with other systems. The site allows jobseekers to search by specialism, salary and location, ensuring that results are both timely and relevant.

"We often heard from candidates who had tried using various job alert systems but had been flooded with irrelevant vacancies and had given up trying to sift through," said Mr Walters. "We knew we needed to create a detailed selection criteria combined with instant notifications when we developed our new system."

Despite doom and gloom headlines about the job market over recent years, the survey also showed that the majority of people in the region remain optimistic about career progression; 79 per cent haven't been put off job hunting despite the news.

Mr Walters added: "Over three quarters of the people we surveyed said they hadn't been put off job seeking despite the difficult economy.

"The fact that people want to keep their eyes open for opportunities shows a desire to develop skills and career prospects. We're using our recruitment expertise to develop our service to make the most of the enthusiasm and ambition in the region, which shouldn't be wasted."

To register for instant job alerts visit:

To celebrate the launch of its new website Pure Resourcing Solutions ran a "spot the ball style" competition with visitors to the site encouraged to find the balls from the company's logo across the new sites pages. The competition winner was Steven Watford from Cambridgeshire who was presented with his iPad prize by Pure Resourcing Solution's David Culley.

*Opt-in survey of 614 respondents based in the east of England carried out  by Pure Resourcing Solutions

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