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In today's dynamic business landscape, organisational strategy isn't solely about objectives and performance metrics. It's increasingly about values.

Values serve as the moral compass guiding every side of an organisation's operations, from its strategic decisions to its day-to-day interactions. Understanding the pivotal role values play in shaping organisational strategy is essential for HR leaders and professionals alike.

In this video, our senior consultant, Sarah Freeman talks to Mark Waine, Portfolio People Director at People Puzzles.

They talk about the significance of values in organisational strategy and explore how they are not just abstract ideals but practical tools for driving success. They’ll examine how HR leaders can effectively incorporate values into the workplace culture and leverage them to influence positive change.

Watch to find out more about the impact values have on recruitment and retention strategies, and how they serve as catalysts for cultural transformation within organisations.


Find out more about how to develop your organisation culture and values through www.best-employers.co.uk.


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Written by

Sarah Freeman

Sarah works within the HR area of Pure covering roles within Essex. She has 30 years experience within HR working to Director level. She is FCIPD qualified and is passionate about HR to support candidates with their next level role.

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