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Investors in People (IIP) has emerged as a global phenomenon, captivating organisations worldwide with its transformative approach to human capital development. Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of business, understanding the factors contributing to IIP's remarkable success is crucial for HR leaders and businesses alike.

In this video, our Senior Consultant, Sarah Freeman talks with Paul Devoy, CEO of IIP, and explores into the key drivers that fosters a culture of continuous improvement to its focus on empowering individuals, we'll explore why IIP has become synonymous with organisational excellence.

However, while the benefits of IIP are undeniable, adopting it within the workplace isn't without its challenges. Paul discusses the hurdles and explores strategies for overcoming them, highlighting the pivotal role HR leaders play in driving successful implementation.

Watch to understand the transformative impact of IIP on organisational culture, identifying the indicators that signal its integration within a company and listen to case studies to uncover the profound shifts that occur when IIP principles become ingrained in the fabric of an organisation.



Find out more about how to develop your organisation culture and values through www.best-employers.co.uk.

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Written by

Sarah Freeman

Sarah works within the HR area of Pure covering roles within Essex. She has 30 years experience within HR working to Director level. She is FCIPD qualified and is passionate about HR to support candidates with their next level role.

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