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It’s impossible to plan for everything, and you never know when your business might need an extra pair of hands (or several). And it’s times like these when hiring temps could be the answer. Luckily we’re here to help you mind the gap.

There are lots of reasons why you might choose to hire temps over new full-time workers. Here are just a few examples.

  • An essential worker taking a sabbatical or long holiday – a temporary worker can jump in to plug the gap. So none of your full-time staff have to stop their own work to cover it.
  • An unprecedented rise in demand – a temporary extra pair of hands can immediately make a real difference to workloads during busy times. And you won’t have to go through long interview processes. Plus, if demand then eases, you won’t be left with extra workers twiddling their thumbs without much to do.
  • A niche contract involving specialist skills – rather than spending time and money advertising for someone with specific skills and experience, you can dive into a pool of immediately available temp workers to find what you need. There is no minimum length of time you are committing to either, giving you complete flexibility

What are the benefits of bringing in temps?

You’ll have expertise available immediately

Our consultants are in constant touch with a large pool of temporary workers, all with different qualifications, skills and experience. So if you need a particular skillset quickly, chances are we’ll already have a suitable person on our books, meaning they can get started straightaway. And you won’t have to spend time and money advertising, reviewing CVs and interviewing.

They can get started quickly

If you hire your temp workers through Pure, we’ll take care of compliance, such as referencing and right to work checks, and payroll. So they’ll be able to start work almost immediately. This makes bringing a new temporary team member on board much faster than a permanent employee.

You can test different scenarios

Lots of our temps have been offered permanent positions at the end of their contracts, and gone on to become integral parts of clients’ teams. That’s because hiring someone as a temp is a great way to see if they fit your company, your culture and the role.

Or if you’re not sure if a new role is going to work (for example if you don’t know if there’s enough work available), taking on a temp to test it out could avoid problems further down the line. And you might not even need to recruit for it later if your temp worker turns out to be perfect for your company.

Need a hand?

Get in touch with your local Pure office to find out more about the temp workers we have available. 


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Written by

Hannah Flindall

A Business Director in our Chelmsford office, Hannah recruits for interim and permanent accountants across the Essex region. Having worked in accountancy recruitment since 2001, she has lots of knowledge of the Essex market, as well as a large network.

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