Knowledge and experience helped secure a Finance Director for Suregreen

Suregreen Ltd offers a wide range of landscape and gardening products for both trade and DIY applications. Based in Essex, they aim to be the UK specialists in ground reinforcement solutions, wire products, fencing supplies, timber posts, timber sleepers, tree shelters and garden supplies.

They pride themselves on their ethos “to offer exceptional products for the best value.”


Pure Executive Senior Managing Consultant Andy Dowsett and Suregreen Managing Director and Owner John Warner had been connected for many years having worked together previously with different employers. They had kept in touch over the years and were ideally connected to work together to recruit a Finance Director when John had set out plans to grow the business.

One of the outcomes of the pandemic for many people was the increase in time at home and time for home improvements. Traditionally a trade supplier, the pandemic opened opportunities in the consumer market, online sales, and overseas business, which led to an increase in sales and access to new markets for the Suregreen. Having recruited the Finance Director a few months before the pandemic, they were in a good position to support the significant growth that was seen in 2020.


In June 2019, Andy met with John to get to know the business and understand the requirements of the role. It was clear that specialist skills were going to be needed to support the future growth of the business. With his knowledge, experience, and network of connections at an executive level, Andy was able to create a shortlist of candidates for the role and conduct the initial interviews, providing John with qualified CVs with detailed notes for each.

Following a comprehensive selection process, shortlisting, and interviewing with the board, Alex Layer was recruited to the role of Finance Director. Alex stood out to Suregreen as he could offer a broad range of experience from a variety of sectors. This role was a step up for Alex and even though he had not worked at a Director level, he has settled into the role and supported business growth to £14m in 2020.


“Andy knew the character, strengths and weaknesses that we were looking for. The shortlist of candidates provided us with a good choice of candidates, and we had a tough decision to make. However, Andy’s professionalism, experience, knowledge, and communication throughout, convinced us to think differently about the role and employ the right person. The experience of getting Alex on board has given us the confidence to work with Pure on future opportunities. 

“The knowledge that you have of the talent pool in the area meant that we got real quality in front of us so making a decision on the candidate was an easy one. Andy just knows his specialism. He had a real feel for the position, great local knowledge - he listened and delivered.”

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Written by

Andy Dowsett

A Business Director in our Chelmsford office, Andy’s responsible for senior finance and executive roles across Essex. With over 20 years’ commercial experience, Andy takes pride in helping his team provide exceptional consultancy services to diverse organisations across the county.

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