From Pure candidate to a Pure person

Why work with Pure?

We are an Investors in People company, and you may be aware at Pure we like to do things differently. I am here to tell you about my experience of working at Pure. I only started only a few months ago, taking you through how I first started at Pure to where I am now, working as their Marketing Assistant and studying a marketing apprenticeship.

Prior to February 2021, I had no experience at all with recruitment agencies, and to be quite honest I was not entirely sure how they worked or how they could help me in my search for a new job. I was approached by a few different agencies in the area I live, of which Pure was one and they were all lovely but Pure stood out right from the word go. Our wonderful consultant Fiona contacted me about a position she thought I would be a good fit for after finding my CV online. I decided to take a chance as the job she was bringing me seemed like a much better fit for my current role.

Our consultant's approach 

Fiona was amazing, coaching me through the process, giving me tips for the interview and considering my schedule to contact me around my work or by email which I preferred. I know this might seem like a trivial thing, but it made all the difference, it showed how much she cared for her candidates and that she was truly listening. In this process, I was then contacted by another Pure consultant, Laurie, who shared with me a job within Pure as a business administrator. It seemed like the perfect opportunity. I already loved what I had seen of Pure through these two amazing consultants, so I took the interview and got the job.

Getting to know Pure

Now in Pure, I got to know the whole company more and while I have yet to meet everyone in person, I find myself to be part of this amazing team. Working here has only further proven to me that the care of candidates and clients is the most important thing and that this is a company where we all work together as a team. In my business administrator role, it was so clear that everyone is valued. Pure does not hesitate to let you know you are valued, with great support and praise being abundant. Shortly into this role I saw we were advertising for a marketing apprentice, and I thought how great an opportunity it would be; however, I was unsure if I would even be able to apply to see as I had only been here a few months. I decided to throw my hat into the ring and went through the interview process, bringing all the skills I had learnt in my time at Pure to the table to really try and nail the interview. It helped that I have a degree in photography, so I’m creative by nature, but I also took some LinkedIn courses and Google Digital Garage Course to prepare myself for the position. I got the job and now work as a marketing coordinator on an apprenticeship with Cambridge Marketing College.

Investors in people

Pure are an Investors in People accredited company and I am first-hand evidence of that. Every step of the way from my first contact with Fiona to where I am now, I have received nothing but support. In the administrator position, I was always kept on my toes with new things to learn and I always had a great team to turn to for help when I needed it. Now in marketing, I am continuing to receive great support, being encouraged to write articles such as this one and share my ideas. From starting with Pure on the 29th of March to now, I have seen just how important Pure values are and how well they are upheld. Our consultants are there for you every step of the way and the head office team are always working hard behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. I am so proud to be part of this team and hopefully, this article brings you closer to understanding who we are at Pure and why you should work with us!

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