Helping Matt find a role closer to home so that he could spend more time with his young family.

Crisp Malting Group Ltd is an independently owned malting company which makes and supplies malt to the world’s leading breweries and distilleries. It operates five sites across the UK and is based in Great Ryburgh, which is at the heart of North Norfolk’s premium malting barley growing area. Crisp dates back to the 1870s and its mission is to produce and supply the best possible quality of malt, and to back that up with the customer service, technical experience and support they need to produce great beer.


Following an exciting period of continued growth and development, Crisp was looking to recruit a new Group Head of IT. They were looking for an experienced senior IT professional who could cover all aspects of a complex and busy IT function. The chosen candidate would also be part of Crisp’s senior management team, and therefore they also wanted someone who had the vision and experience to drive IT strategy and commercial development, and with an eye for the usability of systems and the ability to simplify and help the end user. 


Crisp appointed Pure to help them source a suitable candidate for the role. Ruben Davis met with the team to find out more about the position, and the organisation itself, to ascertain the essential and desirable criteria and culture fit.

Having been instrumental in establishing Pure’s Technology specialism, Ruben was able to use his local and sector-specific experience to implement a recruitment plan which included identifying and headhunting any potentially suitable candidates. During this process, Ruben found Matt Swain, a graduate in Computer Systems Engineering with 15 years IT career experience. Having seen that Matt also lived locally to Crisp, Ruben approached him about the role.

Matt said: “Ruben was fantastic. He guided me successfully through every aspect of the recruitment process, supporting, advising and helping me both in and out of working hours. This ultimately resulted in Crisp offering me the job and my acceptance.”


When Ruben approached Matt, he was living in Swaffham but commuting to Huntingdon every day. However, he was looking for a role which was closer to home and which would enable him to spend more time with his young family. The approach from Pure about the Crisp position was very welcome and it has ultimately cut his daily commute down by nearly two hours.

Matt added: “When the call first came in from Ruben, I initially let it ring as it was a number I didn’t recognise. But I did take the call before my voicemail kicked in and I am very glad I did. At the time I was waiting for an offer from another job. Up to that point I had attended multiple interviews and had a verbal offer, but nothing in writing.

“This new position really made a big difference to my life. My youngest one-year-old son has some challenges and Pure’s efforts on my behalf have ensured I’m now home more with the children. Out of all the recruiters I have worked with, both for myself and the positions I have recruited for, Ruben and Pure have provided the best experience.”

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