Why effective recruitment isn’t a numbers game

We firmly believe that successful recruitment is based on people and partnerships, not numbers and targets. We measure our success rate on the overall experience provided for our candidates and clients, not on the numbers of CVs sent, the number of calls we’ve made or how many interviews we’ve set up.

Why is this approach so important to us? Because our aim is to support the growth of our region’s businesses through the recruitment and retention of highly engaged employees, at the same time as helping our candidates at every step of their career. Finding, supporting and encouraging future talent is essential for local organisations to grow and succeed. We want to use our expertise to help make the right appointment for everyone involved, to increase the quality of the recruitment process from both a candidate and client perspective, and to minimise the risk of any expensive hiring mistakes. We can’t do that if we are too busy looking at the numbers and not the people involved.    

Our clients and candidates also benefit, here are just a few ways in which our people and partnership approach bring added value.

Recruiting for cultural fit

Our focus is on finding a candidate who is not only the right fit for the role itself, but also for the organisation’s overall culture. A good cultural fit is just as important as the right skills, qualifications and experience. We can use added value tools such as psychometric testing to help identify the candidates which share a client’s company values. Plus, we will have already interviewed candidates, so we will have a clear understanding of who they are and what they are looking for, providing only a shortlist of the most appropriate people.

Long-term relationships

We believe the role of a recruitment consultant involves developing and managing lasting relationships, helping clients with their recruitment needs and supporting candidates throughout their careers. By developing long-term relationships, we really get to know the organisation and the candidate. We can source the most suitable candidates as an organisation continues to expand, and we know more about what would most suit a candidate for their next step on the career ladder.

A personal touch

Emails can be a more practical way for both candidates and clients to communicate. However, we always aim to balance them with face-to-face meetings and phone calls. We want the opportunity to really get to know the candidate, or the client, by taking the time to meet them and to discuss the role or career requirements and really understand what they are looking for. 

Added value

Our people-focused approach means we don’t just place someone in a role and then walk away. We continue the relationship to ensure the candidate settles into the new role as quickly and effectively as possible. Focussing on people, and the role they play in business success has also been the driving force behind the development of many of our Pure initiatives such as the Best Employers Eastern Region and Women’s Leadership Programme. These are designed to support organisations to create people-friendly workplaces and to support and develop talented employees.

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