How can a high performance culture help increase business agility?

A high performance culture is a key indicator of a Best Employer and of an organisation which is more likely to remain agile through times of business challenges and change. Because organisations with a high performance culture are more likely to have inspired loyalty and to have created high levels of employee engagement, staff will be more motivated to go the extra mile. This can make a significant difference to how organisations are affected during any downturn. Workplaces with empowered employees and a collaborative approach are also more likely to be able to react and respond to change without losing momentum or vision.

What do we mean by a high performance culture?
High performance cultures are generally inspired by leaders who have a passion for creating outstanding achievement from their teams. Employees are empowered to take on challenges and to deliver a high level of performance which differentiates the organisation and helps it to succeed.

How can a high performance culture be developed?
Organisations with high performance cultures all tend to share the following four characteristics.

1. Clear leadership and vision
Leaders are focussed on communicating a clear vision to all employees so that they can work together to achieve this common goal. Because staff feel fully informed, and understand what success looks like, they are more motivated to play a role in achieving it.  

2. Empowered employees
Employees can’t demonstrate high levels of performance if they are not given the chance to deliver on high level opportunities. Employees in a high performance culture will feel empowered and trusted to take on challenges and to be accountable for performance.

3.Support and development
Organisations with a high performance culture also tend to have a strong focus on development. Leaders aim to empower employees by ensuring they have the resources, confidence and skills needed to meet any challenges.

4. Recognition and reward
To maintain the culture of high performance, employers look for innovative ways to recognise and reward employees for excellent work, helping to ensure that they feel valued for their efforts.

How can the Best Employers Eastern Region initiative can help?
Before considering any cultural changes, it is important to have a clear understanding of your current culture. The Best Employers Eastern Region employee survey is a free tool which provides detailed feedback on how staff perceive their organisation’s current culture, their understanding of the company vision and values, and of how supported, empowered and engaged they feel. The survey results come with expert guidance on any potential areas for improvement and all participants are invited to attend a series of workshops designed to help put these into practice. These events bring the region’s best employers together to share innovative ideas and positive strategies for achieving business success by putting people at the heart of an organisation.

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Lynn Walters

Lynn is a founding Director of Pure and leads Pure Executive. She has over 25 years’ experience recruiting for executive appointments, and helps east of England-based businesses with senior management and board-level recruitment. Lynn also leads our Best Employers Eastern Region initiative and Women’s Leadership Programme, both of which help companies and people develop.

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