Best Employers Eastern Region Tips for getting your employees on board

If you have not yet started your Best Employers Eastern Region 2016 survey or if you are about to roll it out to your teams, we have some innovative suggestions designed to engage and motivate your teams. Here are a few techniques benefiting companies who are taking part in the 2016 survey:

  1.        Incentivise your teams with a charitable donation

One organisation currently taking part in the Best Employers Eastern Region Survey 2016 is making a donation to the company’s nominated charity for each employee who takes part in the survey.  Charity support is really important to them and has helped drive adoption in the company, with their target being over 85% completion, now on course.

  1.        Lunch and learn sessions

At any stage of the survey, whether you have just started or are trying to get the final participants to a higher number, why not consider holding “lunch and Learn” sessions for your teams.  Offer an hour session, with pizza or ice cream, lead by a member of the senior management team to run through why the survey is being conducted and what the outcome will mean for the company.

  1.        Checkpoints for numbers update

Send a weekly update on the total number of responses and celebrate with an afternoon tea, ice cream or even drinks when you achieve your target

  1.        Make sure you use all of the communication tools available

If you have a joint email, send round regular updates.  If you have an intranet, post your successes regularly.  If you have break-out rooms, use the Best Employers Posters.  The more places that people see the posters or information about the survey, the more chance you have of people taking part.

  1.        Say thank you!

Avoid mandating taking part in the survey as it may have a negative influence on the overall results providing inaccurate reporting.  Instead, inject some fun and provide a group incentive to thank people at the end of the process.  Even a simple email to say thank you at the end of the survey goes a long way.

But make sure you follow up and communicate the result and next steps

For more information about Best Employers, please do not hesitate to contact Lucy Plumb from the Best Employers Eastern Region team.

Written by

Lynn Walters

Lynn is a founding Director of Pure and leads Pure Executive with over 25 years recruiting for Executive appointments. Lynn supports East of England-based businesses with senior management and Board level recruitment. Lynn leads the Best Employer Eastern Region Initiative and the Women In Leadership Programme both of which are aimed at helping companies and people to develop.