Pure’s Graduate Trainee shares her top tips for fellow graduates looking for work

With the summer holidays underway, many university graduates across the region will be looking to find their first step on the career ladder.  So we’ve asked Gemma Pritchard-Jones, our Graduate Trainee Recruitment Consultant, to share her top tips for fellow graduates looking for work.

Gemma explained: “I started working at Pure in April, as one of the first employees to take part in the company’s new Graduate Training Programme. Before that I was a candidate with Pure myself, so I’ve got the benefit of recent experience from both sides of the fence. It wasn’t long ago that I was looking for my first career role. Now I’m helping others to find theirs.” 

Gemma’s top tips for graduates:

Be determined and don’t give up

Having worked so hard for several years to gain your degree, it can seem depressing if you’re then faced with what feels like a further slog to find a job at the end of it all. But stay determined and don’t give up. Someone who is obviously resilient and who finds interesting and useful ways to fill their time is a big selling point to prospective employers. A degree shows your level of education and knowledge, but perseverance speaks volumes about what your attitude would be like as an employee.

Do your research

If, after years of searching for facts, figures and information for numerous assignments you thought internet research was behind you, think again! The research skills you’ve gained will stand you in good stead when looking for work. Being as prepared as possible is incredibly important in an interview, so do your research on the company first. Remember, you may be up against others with exactly the same qualifications, but how interested and knowledgeable you appear about the organisation can really set you apart. 

Gain experience

It may not be your dream role, but remember temporary positions can provide valuable experience while you look for your full-time career path. Evidence of hands on experience is extremely important for employers, and many skills are transferable. In my case I took on a temporary role in HR Administration, which enabled me to focus on recruitment skills, before I was offered my role here at Pure. Internship opportunities or voluntary work can also really help to boost your CV.

Seek expert advice

Signing up to a recruitment agency not only provides access to exclusive vacancies, not advertised anywhere else, it also opens up a wealth of support. Our expert recruitment consultants offer valuable career guidance: whether its interview techniques, CV advice, industry information or general career mapping. Our job is to work with you to ensure you are maximising all opportunities to ensure you find the right job.


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