How an experienced recruitment agency could add real value to your hiring process

The New Year is an excellent time for businesses to begin proactively planning their recruitment strategy for 2016, and beyond, and a good recruitment agency can add real value to this process. 

In depth recruitment planning could become increasingly crucial in 2016, as employers potentially face an ‘applicant drought’. If the economy continues to grow, more businesses are likely to expand and start recruiting new people, leading to increased competition for the best talent.

Planning ahead will help businesses to prepare for this shift, increase the quality of the recruitment process and minimise the risk of any expensive hiring mistakes. Experienced recruitment consultants will work with employers to ensure their business is well equipped for future growth.

Here’s a few examples of how a good agency can help to ensure that 2016 is a successful year for recruitment.

1. Extra industry insight  

Consultants have their finger on the pulse of the industry they specialise in, acting as an employer’s eyes and ears in the market place. Whether its jobs being advertised by competitors, or shifting trends in salaries, this insight will help ensure your organisation offers the right package to attract the best talent. 

2. Enhancement of employer brand

Promoting a company as a great place to work really helps to attract high quality candidates. A good consultant will not only highlight the benefits of working for your organisation directly to candidates, they will also provide ideas on how to stand out as a good employer. This could include showcasing your organisation as a socially responsible place to work, or suggestions of any employee benefits which could help to make your organisation more competitive.

3. Wider field of candidates

Consultants will have access to people who may not consciously be looking for a job and wouldn’t necessarily have seen that you were advertising. They will also be aware of talented people who may currently be looking for a similar role, but in a different location. With the right relocation package, which a consultant will help to advise on, they could be tempted to take their next career step in a new area.

4. Great culture fit

A good fit for your organisation’s culture is just as important as the right skills, qualifications and experience. Recruitment agencies can provide additional, complementary services, such as psychometric testing, to help identify the candidates who share your company’s values. Plus consultants will already have interviewed candidates and have a clear understanding of who they are and what they are looking for, saving internal teams time by only providing a shortlist of the most appropriate candidates for the role, and for the company itself.

5. Ongoing support

Here at Pure, we don’t just place someone in a role and then walk away. We continue the relationship to ensure the candidate settles in to the new role as quickly and effectively as possible. This includes offering services such as induction support and transition coaching. 

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