7 key signs that you are a good employer

If you ever question whether you are successful as a good employer and that your engagement strategy is working well, Pure can give you guidance to help you identify some of the typical signs. 

Since Pure is the proud sponsor of the Employer of the Year category at this week’s Cambridge News Business Excellence Awards, we are using our blog to share some of our expertise in this area.

So drawing from the awards and our own initiative, Best Employer Eastern Region, we have selected some key indicators that can help you get a snapshot of whether you have a positive workplace, and whether staff enjoy working for you. We suggest looking through the below list to see if you recognise these encouraging signs:

 1.    A positive staff survey

If you already run regular staff surveys and respond to opinion, then you are already doing the right thing. However, it is not just the results that matter – depending on the size of your organisation, if you can achieve a minimum 75% response rate, you have a very reliable indicator that you are taking the right approach to engagement. It is also likely that they believe their views are valued and will be taken on board. 

 2.    Results are improving

Many leading brands put employee engagement at the core of their business strategy since they know it can boost productivity and support customer relationships. For instance, LEGO says its 15% growth in profits is due to “highly engaged” employees. If you are also seeing improving results and a high level of repeat business, your staff are probably happy in their jobs and are giving customers an excellent service as a result.

 3.    A mutually respectful culture

If your employees seem to genuinely care about each other’s progress and wellbeing, you can be confident that your leadership has influenced this behaviour. A culture of mutual respect and support is essential to a happy workforce, but the challenge is to maintain this, especially during times of change or disruption. Being honest and as open as possible is always the best approach.

 4.    Staff engage with their managers

Good employers rely on strong relationships between managers and their teams. Research shows that the main reason people either stay with an organisation or leave, is because of their relationship with their line manager. For example, open communication channels between employees and managers help people feel that their opinions are taken seriously, and that they matter. Therefore, spending budget on developing your managers to support these key relationships is one of the best investments you can make.

 5.    Positive outside opinion

They say word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and an organisation’s reputation spreads quickly among local communities. If people outside your organisation are saying good things about you, then your employees have probably become excellent advocates. Not only is this kind of feedback very rewarding, but it is invaluable in regards to your employer brand when you are recruiting.

 6.    You are attracting high quality candidates

Staying with the subject of recruitment, if candidates cite your reputation as a good employer as a reason for applying for jobs, you should feel very proud. Your reputation attracts high quality applicants who want to work for a supportive employer; and they are more likely to stay and develop their careers with you. 

 7.    Your staff engage with charity work

A good employer knows that driving business purely to maximise profit does not cut it with its people. As a result, it is becoming increasingly common to mobilise staff to give something back to its communities. Engaging employee in charity fundraising or volunteering is rewarding and empowering.  If your teams are happy to organise and engage with the activities, they are probably responding to your leadership’s passion for giving something back.

We hope that this quick list provides a steer as to whether you are on course as a good employer, or whether you need to change tack and revamp your engagement methods. Either way, if you need advice, please get in touch with us on: 01223 209888 or nicola.robinson@prs.uk.com.


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