How to enhance your wellbeing at work

September has arrived. As children start a new school year, many offices come alive once again with employees making plans for the next quarter.

As we get back into the swing of things, filling our diaries with meetings and new projects, it is essential not to neglect our wellbeing. Why? Because our health underpins everything we do. Your mental, emotional and physical fitness is key to building your career, and positive wellbeing is connected to good business.  

So, if you want to be a success at work, you need to make sure that you are staying on top form. And with around 170 million working days lost every year through ill health, you can also keep your sick leave to a minimum, maintaining an excellent attendance record.

Leading East of England recruitment consultancy firm, Pure Resourcing Solutions (Pure), often advises job seekers and workers on the importance of wellbeing for professional performance. 

Grab your notebook and jot down some of Pure’s tips on keeping your wellbeing wonderful:

1. One o’clock workout

Use your lunch hour to improve your fitness and work away any stress you may have built up during the morning. It is very easy to stay at your desk, but taking a break can actually boost your productivity. Try Zumba, yoga or speed-walking – whatever you opt for, make the most of your break and recharge your batteries for the afternoon ahead. 

2. Nip worries in the bud

Personal worries can impact how well you do at work. If you are going through a tough time, you could benefit from talking to a counsellor. Your employer may already offer free counselling, if not, look for a professional who is qualified to help. Sharing your problems can help free up your mental energy so you can fully focus on work and home life again.

3. Make posture your priority

If you are suffering from back issues, shoulder problems or headaches, you may need to look at how you sit at your desk. It is very easy to unintentionally get into bad habits; slouching, cradling the phone handset between your chin and shoulder, or looking down on your computer screen can all impact your health. Your HR team should be able to look at your desk set-up, or they may even invite an expert into the office to help you manage chronic problems.

4.Request flexible working

In June this year all workers were given the right to request flexible working from their employer. It is not guaranteed that you will get it, but it is always worth asking. Being able to flex your hours, or work from home and other locations can work wonders for your wellbeing. Whether it is the simple change of scenery or the comfort of working in your own living room, it can help lessen stress levels and it can even encourage more creative thinking.

5.Be selective with snacks

Since food plays a huge role in our health, boosting your nutrition can only support your performance at work. Certain foods can boost concentration levels and help you stay alert for longer. So, avoid sugar-laden treats and caffeine that can cause sugar crashes and lead to fatigue, and opt for tasty, wholesome options instead. Top tip: stock up each week so you do not run out (and give in to the temptation of the vending machine)!

6.Take on a pro bono project

Does your workplace have a charity partner? Are there any opportunities to support the organisation’s work? These days many businesses offer free expert advice to not-for-profits, so enquire with your manager about opportunities. Giving something back is immensely rewarding and it gives you a welcome break from the daily routine.

About Pure Resourcing Solutions

Founded in 2002, Pure Resourcing Solutions (Pure) is a leading and innovative recruitment consultancy firm in the East of England. Employing more than 65 staff across four regional offices in Cambridge (head office), Ipswich, Norwich and Chelmsford, Pure offers clients and candidates recruitment services that go above and beyond the industry norm.

Growing from a specialist accountancy recruitment business, Pure now provides temporary and permanent recruitment services for accountancy, executive, financial services, human resources, marketing and professional office support, and from September 2014, IT.

Pure provides services such as assessment centres, proficiency testing, psychometric testing, training, salary benchmarking and coaching. Not only that, but the firm runs business seminars and workshops for clients throughout the year, and is very active in charity support. 

From major FTSE 100 corporates, regional companies and SMEs, to charities and public sector bodies, many clients have made Pure its recruitment consultancy of choice. Find out more: www.prs.uk.com.

Pure’s Initiatives

  • Compare My Salary, the UK’s first ever live, peer-to-peer salary comparison website. 
  • Women’s Leadership Programme is unique, offering aspiring female professionals a wonderful opportunity to develop their careers using a dual approach. Participants learn new skills, and are also supported by senior sponsors, who usually come from the delegates’ own organisations. 
  • Best Employer initiative is run by Pure and eras ltd. It promotes employee engagement and identifies the region’s best employers with a survey, awards, seminars and a festival.


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