9 terrific tips to engage your staff in the Best Employer survey

There’s still time to get your staff involved in the 2014 Best Employer survey! Closing at the end of July, the online questionnaire is free to all employers who want to develop their employee engagement strategy, and give people a great place to work.

Usually costing around £2,000, the survey responses are presented in insightful, tailored reports, which give organisations guidance as to how to improve and advance engagement. In fact, Essex firm Benefit Cosmetics is a big supporter and uses their report to keep a close eye on staff opinion.

Although Pure and eras ltd have designed the survey to be quick and easy to do, we also understand that people may feel that they’re too busy to answer the questions. Our 10 terrific tips will encourage your workforce to take a few moments to contribute to your Best Employer mission!

1.    Announce the opening of the survey

When the survey is live and open for participation, announce it to everyone at an all-staff meeting. Or if this isn’t possible, ask managers to let their teams know and encourage everyone to take part. This way, the news will filter across all teams.

2.    Maintain momentum through meetings

With the school summer break just around the corner, you need to keep up the motivation among people who are probably thinking about holidays, barbeques and other exciting plans. To keep them interested, ask line managers to give regular updates at weekly meetings, encouraging people to complete by the closing date.

3.    Add an incentive

Although the survey is not a competitive activity for staff, offering a token incentive may help things along. How about a prize draw for participants? Why not give away a small picnic hamper or store vouchers? Not only does this add a nice touch, but it also tells everyone that you value their opinion.

4.    Hold an inspiration session

Many employers already engage with staff through inspiration sessions, where they invite visitors into the office to give lunchtime talks. Ask a 2012 Best Employer award winner to tell everyone how they’ve benefited from the survey and what their employer does to make work enjoyable.

5.    Message from the top

Support from senior management can make such a difference. By asking people for their honest opinion and explaining the reason for the survey, a CEO or MD can really drive along participation. Workers feel they are contributing to a bigger vision and understand why they need to take part.

6.    Posters and email banners

Whether it’s in reception, on noticeboards or even in the loos, posters are a great way to maintain everyone’s focus on the Best Employer survey! Internal email banners are also fantastic reminders since the survey is just one click away.

Since the survey happens every other year, you’ll probably have employees who were not around when you took part in the last one or maybe this is your first year of participating. Why not identify Best Employer champions who can encourage new staff to answer the questions. They can also give longer term workers friendly reminders too. After all, it’s for everyone’s gain.

8.    Make a commitment

By pledging to your employees that you’ll address any concerns that arise from the survey responses, you encourage their trust. But you must follow up on this promise, otherwise you’ll risk losing respect in the long term, and you may find it very difficult running surveys in the future.

9.     Engage staff all year-round

Although it may seem obvious that staff who are already engaged will need less prompting to get involved, it’s still worth mentioning. If you’re thinking of taking part in the 2016 Best Employer survey, take measures now to create an engagement strategy. Use our case studies of previous Best Employer award winners for some brilliant ideas!

Good luck and we hope your survey results get you a glitzy Best Employer award in the autumn! 


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Written by

Lynn Walters

Lynn is a founding Director of Pure and leads Pure Executive. She has over 25 years’ experience recruiting for executive appointments, and helps east of England-based businesses with senior management and board-level recruitment. Lynn also leads our Best Employers Eastern Region initiative and Women’s Leadership Programme, both of which help companies and people develop.

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