7 ways to reignite passion in your job

We at Pure want to reignite that excitement you felt when you first got your job. In fact we want you to love your job!

We can help you pinpoint what you enjoy about it and what you can do to increase the love-ability factor of those tasks you’re not so keen on. There may be aspects that you’d rather strike off the job description entirely (although it’s not really an option!), so let’s focus on what can be done to reboot that motivation.

1.    Balance work and home

Does the saying ‘all work and no play’ apply to your life? It’s often too easy for work to eclipse your social or family life especially at busy times! This can create a real dullness about work and it’s only natural to feel that you need a break now and again, or at least make sure you go home on time whenever possible. Don’t hesitate to take measures to bring more balance into your life – after all without your health and wellbeing you won’t be able to deliver at the office.

2.    Love your successes

Look back at the last 12 months. What have you achieved? What went well and what made you feel proud? It’s often too easy to take our skills for granted, but when you list what you’ve done and the skills you’ve developed since this time last year, chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised. But if you’re left yearning for more challenges there’s no harm in taking it up with your manager.

3.    Turn failures into key lessons

We’ve all had moments when we’ve misjudged tasks and didn’t quite complete a job as well as we’d have liked. Either way, take it as a lesson and try not to repeat it. The key is to not dwell on failure too much since in the long term it’ll erase your confidence and become a barrier to overcoming doubts in the future.

4.    Communicate with your line manager

Problems arise for many reasons, but sometimes they can seem bigger that they actually are. Don’t let worries fester – talk to your manager regularly or when you feel the need to talk through something that’s playing on your mind. Having a third party involved can help you re-establish perspective and take the stress out your daily routine.

5.    Accept the down times

Even the best jobs have moments of monotony. Accept these moments instead of letting them spoil the rest of what could be a great job. Use these down times to re-charge your mental battery and prepare for more challenging tasks you have ahead of you. It may be the calm before a storm, so enjoy the placid waters and use the time to take a step back and be more strategic – you may find you have some of your best ideas in these quieter times!

6.    Lend a helping hand

Do you feel as if you know your job inside out and upside-down? Is this dulling the shine on your enthusiasm for work? Well, use your skills in a different way by working with colleagues to consult. Your wealth of experience is invaluable to others who may not have your expertise and your knowledge could make all the difference between an outstanding project and a mediocre one. So keep your ears open for opportunities and let others know that you’re willing to assist and support.

7.    Be a role model

As the years whizz by you could find yourself in a bit of a ‘rut’. Let’s turn that on its head and look at it as stability and long-term commitment instead. As younger employees join the business your self-assured presence could be a great inspiration to them. As we’ve already pointed out, what we can overlook through familiarity of a job can be something to be admired by people early in their careers. To make this a more official arrangement find out if you can start up a mentoring scheme for you and other colleagues.

You’ve probably noticed that much of this advice is based on a slight change in attitude, perspective or behaviour. You don’t necessarily need a huge career overhaul to get that passion back into your work – a positive attitude and a smile as you go into your office in the morning can make all the difference – your colleagues are likely to reflect this back to you, which is good all round! Even if you plan to embark on a job hunt in the future, for the time being you can still love what you already have!

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