6 ways to get noticed at work

If you happen to be a natural introvert, the very thought of promoting yourself at work probably feels more like an unwelcome chore rather an opportunity to develop your career. Also, the Brits’ rather polite culture can make self-selling seem a bit crass.

However, there are moments in our working life when we really shouldn’t shy away from the spotlight – especially when everyone stands to benefit.

We all know someone who talks very loudly about their numerous accomplishments and, understandably, you may prefer to avoid becoming known as the office bragger. Yet, it’s very possible to get the attention you deserve without over-egging it. And there’s even a place for subtly.

At Pure we meet very talented professionals from Cambridgeshire, Essex Norfolk and Suffolk who feel daunted by this aspect of career progression. We don’t want you to risk being overlooked at work; read on to find out how you can self-promote without feeling too pushy!

1.    Start with your confidence

You think that you’re great at your job. You may also suspect very strongly that if you left, your employer would find it difficult to replace you. Turn such beliefs into certainties: write down your key accomplishments and how they’ve helped the company. This can help build a strong foundation for greater self-assurance. People will notice without you uttering a word – confident body language does all the talking for you.

2.    Bid farewell to fear

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” So proclaimed former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Take his words as inspiration. Look at what you’re afraid of when it comes to talking about achievements or putting forward ideas. Is it rejection? Are you scared of looking foolish? Acknowledge your doubts, but simply put them to one side and do it anyway. The chances are that you’ll discover you had nothing to worry about and that your ideas have made a valuable contribution

3.    Impress others

Finding your voice isn’t just about communication. Passion is infectious and people want to work with colleagues who value what they do. Be open with colleagues about why you enjoy your job. Turn problems into obstacles that can be overcome by adopting a positive approach. Deliver consistently great work and offer to support others with advice. This way you’ll raise your profile while building solid relationships across the company.

4.    Go beyond your comfort zone

If you want to be noticed for your achievements, you need to take steps to create them in the first place. By seeing things from different perspectives and exploring outside your usual routine you get to develop your skills and discover new abilities. You might even catch the eye of a senior colleague who needs someone like you to help create new opportunities for the business.

5.    Be smart

Aimless bragging is not the way forward. It’s annoying for others and it can smack of over-compensating for lack of real skill. If you want to voice your opinion or highlight a recent success, choose your moment wisely. For instance, reminding your line manager of the big, new deal you’ve just reeled in at a team meeting probably won’t go down well if colleagues have been struggling and the mood is strained. It’s simple: think before you speak – timing is everything!

6.    Show integrity

If you have a fantastic idea, make sure you have the knowledge and background research to back up why you think it would work. You need to be ready to answer questions without fudging it. A little preparation to construct your business case – whether it’s for a meeting or a one-to-one – will help keep you focused and confident.

Finding your voice without treading on toes may take effort, but it’s the sensible alternative to becoming the human version of a flashing neon sign. Let your talents glow and persuade, rather than dazzle and daze. It’s time to get out there and show them what you’re made of!


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