6 ways senior tech gurus can help your organisation prosper

As more and more organisations are relying heavily on technology, we at Pure think it’s great that increasing numbers of IT professionals are climbing the ladder to senior jobs. And let’s face it – we all need these masters of tech to make sure our workplaces tick over nicely!

The days of IT experts being recruited just for their niche skillset are fast becoming history. For example, in the USA organisations are recruiting more tech-savvy people into top roles so they can have more input into high-level decisions.

As we launch our new IT recruitment division (you should check out the fantastic IT Manager job in Ipswich, by the way), we’re feeling positive about technologists’ careers. In fact, we think they can bring huge benefits to organisations when they’re one of the head honchos!

So, this week, we’re looking at how these very talented people can influence the success of your workplace.

1.    Keeping you safe from harm

Digital technology is key to our economy but, unfortunately, threats from cyberspace have become a serious issue. Whether it’s hacking into databases to source confidential information, or to simply cause glitches, having an IT security expert at the top can help protect an organisation from serious damage.

2.    Networking know-how

Whether it’s email, video calls or file sharing, sending and receiving information over digital networks is now the norm. With workplace communications becoming more ‘techy’, having someone at the top who understands the complexities is enormously helpful. Of course, it’s not just about trouble-shooting. A chief with tech knowledge could also have a deeper understanding of how and why networks need to constantly improve to keep up with the fast-paced changes of industry.

3.    Making sensible investments

It’s no fun working with an unreliable internet connection when superfast broadband could boost productivity! That’s why it’s great to have an IT guru at senior level, who’s able to input into big spending decisions on new technology. It can be a long-term investment, so a senior specialist can use budget wisely, based on their knowledge of the market, and what works for the organisation.

4.     IT acumen is good for custom

Getting technology right isn’t just about how your people work – it also influences your customers’ experiences. And since everyone’s much more tech-savvy nowadays, it’s an important issue that IT workers need to consider. They know that out-of-date systems can impact an organisation’s efficiency and the customer experience. Having a senior-level IT pro’ on the board could improve how you engage with your customers, and possibly lead to more business!

 5.    Handling ‘Big Data’

If you’re in IT or marketing, you’ve probably come across this industry buzzword a lot recently. Basically, ‘Big Data’ is huge amounts of complex data (e.g. customer details, social media, website statistics) that traditional databases struggle to process and store safely. And since data informs how we approach business, it needs to be handled very carefully, and employees need to be able to get to it easily.

This is now a huge challenge for organisations of all kinds, and it’s fast becoming clear that IT experts in strategic, decision-making roles can help tackle the problem.

This is just a short list of the ways IT experts can boost business if they’re in top jobs. After all, it’s good for them, their organisations and our economy.

Find your very own tech guru today! Contact Pure’s Associate Director, Scott Woodrow on 07879 841 906 or email: scott@prs.uk.com, who takes care of IT jobs in the East of England.


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Written by

Scott Woodrow

Scott is a Director at Pure, having joined us in 2004. After specialising in senior finance recruitment for several years, he now leads our technology, marketing and digital division. Scott specialises in filling senior management and board-level IT appointments across the east of England.

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