6 critical themes for your next staff survey

A well thought out and executed staff survey can be gold dust to your organisation’s development plan, but how do you go about it?

As luck would have it, Pure has just launched the 2014 Best Employer, Eastern Region (BEER for short) staff survey with our partner eras ltd. Designed for organisations large and small in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk or Suffolk, this survey is free (yes, free!) to implement. It’s your perfect opportunity to gauge how you’re doing as an employer.

First ran in 2012, this tried-and-tested survey has helped employers including Benefit Cosmetics, the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, Jackson Civil Engineering and creative agency Spring continue to develop their corporate culture and values to the benefit of staff, customers and the whole organisation.

You also receive advice and guidance throughout the process, and a free tailored report (also free) which you can download instantly at any point in the process.

Not only that, but you could also scoop a ‘Best Employer’ award, presented at our Best Employer seminars in your region this autumn!

The survey covers a broad spectrum of themes that, together, form the corner stones of good business practise, employee wellbeing and customer loyalty. When the results are reported back, you’ll get an accurate insight into aspects that are going brilliantly, and which areas need improvement with valuable guidance on how best to do so.

Here are a few examples of those key themes…

1.    Communication

Staff communications are essential in keeping your staff engaged in your organisation’s developments. It’s also vital for workers to have forums where they can voice their ideas and opinions. Noticeboards, newsletters, access to management and clear HR procedures are all forms of internal communications, which are critical to building staff trust, and, therefore, commitment.

2.    Customer focus

Customer service is not only key to successful business; it can also impact on your employee’s own pride in their work. Knowing how to meet your customers’ needs can help your staff do their jobs well. By misjudging customer requirements your employees may be at the receiving end of negative feedback and will struggle to feel as if they’re able to do their work well. It helps everyone by getting to know your customers and keeping up to date of changing trends.

3.    Quality working standards

Providing an excellent standard of working practises can positively influence employees’ attitude to work. An audit of internal procedures and conversations with staff about how you can improve efficiency is a great way to start this process

4.    Innovation

When an organisation uses innovation and motivates employees to create ideas, it leads to new ways of working, improved customer satisfaction and increased income. Innovation is also essential if you want to stay ahead of the curve in your industry, and offer customers something unique. Your employees also get to use a wide range of skills and feel part of something exciting in being among the first to explore new techniques.

5.    Team work

When working in teams staff feel supported and collaboration with others can be instrumental in enhancing their wellbeing.  When a team is working towards the same goal, but accountable for their own contributions, everyone feels part of a broader vision, which is essential for employee morale and to create that all-important sense of achievement.

6.    Physical environment

Giving staff a positive, comfortable working environment cannot be underestimated in terms of boosting their performance. Everyone wins by creating a workplace that employees look forward to walking into every morning, and know that their mental and physical health isn’t put at risk.

If the opportunity to get your employees involved in a survey sounds interesting, when we tell you that the usual value of the survey is around £2,000, we’re pretty sure you’d like to find out more!

The survey is available for a limited time only and closes in July. Get the ball rolling today by talking to Anna Hill, Marketing Manager at Pure, on: 01223 209888 or Anna.Hill@prs.uk.com.

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