Wellbeing at Work

What images come to mind when you hear the word “wellbeing”? Luxury spa days, aromatherapy massages and infinity pools perhaps. How about visions of healthier employees and improved financial results?

Wellbeing has an increasingly important role in business; employers are realising that if they want profits to glow with health, they need to take good care of their staff.

Research is stacking up in favour of supporting employee wellbeing. In the UK ill health is to blame for the loss of 170 million working days every year. With 23 million days lost due to work-related health issues and four million as a result of injuries in the workplace, it seems a lot more needs to be done to prevent and reduce sick leave.

Sadly, the UK is reported to be one of the worst performing countries for staff wellbeing, but savvy companies know that better employee health means a happier environment, increased productivity and satisfied customers.

Here are few ways to fend off ill health among staff and encourage them to stay well, while helping you deliver excellent results:

  • Lunchtime exercise classes such as yoga, Zumba, Nordic walking or circuit training.
  • On-site access to a healthy lifestyle coach or counselling service.
  • Staff gym or subsidised membership for a nearby sports centre.
  • Cycle-to-work scheme providing loans for bikes and on-road training.
  • Practical support for issues relating to personal finances.
  • Nutritious food in the canteen or daily visits from a health food mobile vendor.
  • Good employee communications, making them feel trusted and appreciated.
  • Frequent social events, charity fundraising and volunteering.
  • Options for flexible working such as job-sharing and home-working.

For a deeper insight into wellbeing and better business, register for Pure Resourcing Solution’s (Pure) Health and Wellbeing seminars – 2 planned in Ipswich and Cambridge with further seminars to be announced..  An innovative event for business leaders, delegates will find out how to align their values to make their firm more successful, and also learn wellbeing techniques.

Any questions? Contact Anna Hill, Pure’s Marketing Manager, on: anna.hill@prs.uk.com or 01223 209888.

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