Interview Questions Part II

This week we have Part II of our very popular post on interview questions that a candidate should be asking at interview.

It is essential that having a secured an interview for your dream job, you use the time to ask the right questions to build up a reliable picture of the company and to decide whether this is the right move for you at this point in your career.

So, here goes for Part II:

Why is the post vacant?

This question is designed to uncover any issues that there may have been with the previous/current person in the role. It will also highlight potential opportunities for you if you were to be successful in securing the role – maybe the person moved on due to internal promotion? If so where to or which role did they move to?

What will an average day involve for my role?

Although the role activities/responsibilities will have been listed, it is really useful to get a feel for a typical day. This will give you an idea of the balance of the role duties on a daily basis and allow you to see whether it is what you expected. It is also important to consider whether it aligns well with your skills and preferences for your working day.

What type of learning and development opportunities are available within the company?

Don’t assume that all companies will offer this! If there is training – is it led by a mentor? Internal staff? Manager? External training body/consultant? Is it a recognised course? Will it lead to a recognised qualification? Is it going to enable you to progress your career at the speed you want and in the direction and manner that you would like?

Do you operate an appraisal scheme?

This question can reveal whether the organisation has strong HR processes in place and whether your career will be structured with regular reviews, feedback and clear objectives that have been mutually agreed with your line manager.

How does my experience match with what you are looking for?

This will give you an idea of which of your skills and experience will be most in demand in this role – is this what you are looking for in your next role?

What will the next stage of the process be?

It is wise to be prepared for what you might need to know if you are successful in reaching the next stage…forewarned is forearmed! You could also take this opportunity to state your keen interest in the position (if you haven’t already done so) and ask for their initial feedback on your application.

When are you hoping to make a decision?

Be clear about how long the process will take, particularly if you have several interviews in the pipeline to consider. Once you have an idea about timings, you can ensure you are available for the next round or to take the call telling you, you have secured the role!

Hopefully this has given you plenty of ideas for questions to ask at interview and highlighted how valuable it is to ask the right questions as part of your decision making process. Don't be afraid to engage with the interview process in this way, it not only equips you with the right information, it also shows your initiative, confidence and enthusiasm!

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