Career Relaunch

Tired of the same old routine in your professional life? You may be yearning for a new challenge or a better salary. But how do you bounce back to the job market when you’ve been in the same role for years and leaving seems a bit overwhelming?

Moving on from a comfortable job takes courage but if you’re determined, you can reboot your career! So, let’s get started…

What kind of job do you want?

Deciding what you want to do next can be the hardest part. If you want to do the same kind of job, that’s great – you clearly enjoy what you do and you know what you’re looking for. But if you want a different role, think carefully about how you can transfer your skills. If you lack experience in some areas, think about how you would plug those gaps.

Also, be clear in your mind about why you want to move into a different role or sector and have your answers ready for an interviewer, who wants to be reassured that you have thought this through, and that you have a thorough understanding of what is required from the new role.

Update your CV

Dust off your CV and bring it completely up to date. As well as your employment history, include any relevant training, courses or voluntary work. Remember, interviewers don’t have time to read pages of text so keep it to two pages at the most.

Also, when you’re applying for a role, tailor your CV to reflect the required skills and include the most relevant information. This does take a little more time, but if you’re serious about making the move, it’s worth investing a little bit of extra effort!

When you’re ready, email it to us at Pure and talk to a consultant about your job search. Don’t forget to sign up to job alerts on the Pure website and follow us on Twitter to see the latest job vacancies.

Enhance your online profile

Since you’ve been with your current employer for a while, this may not have been something that you’ve had to consider before. Nowadays, with 78% of recruiters using search engines to screen potential employees as part of the recruitment process, it is an area that you ignore at your peril! So, make sure your online activity is respectable.

Tips include:

  • Googling your name to keep track of your online presence.
  • Checking your social media activity (Facebook, Twitter, etc).
  • Ensuring that your posts, tweets and images represent you in a professional way.
  • Adjusting your social media settings to ensure that you control when you are tagged in photos.

LinkedIn is great for raising your professional profile. You can also keep track of industry news, apply for jobs and ask work contacts for testimonials. But it’s also a form of social media, so be careful what you share and say in your updates.

Boost your confidence

When you’ve been in a long-term job, it’s easy to take your skills for granted and forget how valuable they actually are. Try writing a list of your skills (even the ones you think aren’t important) and focus on the ones that you think best suit the kind of role you’re looking for.

If you’re struggling, talk to a friend who can help you see your experience from a fresh perspective. Or invest in a few sessions with a career coach  to help identify your strengths and discuss what kind of job you want next, and where you can find it.

Networking (not just for high-flying executives!)

Tell friends to spread the word that you’re looking for a new job and get in touch with former colleagues and bosses. Join a local networking group to meet new people. After all, you never know what fantastic jobs other people know about.

Get interview savvy

As you have been in your current job for a long time, your interview technique may be a bit rusty. Also, a lot could have changed in how interviews are conducted! It would be wise to polish up your skills by doing a few mock interviews with a friend who’d be willing to ask you a few questions. Check out our previous blog on interview technique , typical interview questions and how to answer them well.

For a final touch, treat yourself to a new, interview outfit that makes you look and feel self-assured – looking the part and making a great first impression is a great start!

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