Securing Work in a Recession

With The Recession Bringing More Jobseekers To An Already Overpopulated Marketplace - Here Are Some Top Tips On Securing Work.

Revisit Your CV

Ensure your CV is up to date and tailor it for certain roles or industries as appropriate. For temporary work ensure all your systems experience is updated and highlight any project roles you have undertaken.

Be Flexible

Look beyond what you normally have done to consider new challenges, industries and positions.  Indeed this might be the perfect time for a career or sector change.  You many need to consider an interim job, such as temporary work or freelancing, or simply a ‘survival’ temporary job that will pay the bills until something better comes along.

Utilise Your Network of Contacts

It’s important to make the most of all your own contacts to ensure you find out about internal job roles and get yourself into a position of consideration.

Analyse The Marketplace

Yes there is a slowing down in some areas of the marketplace but there are also sectors that will remain buoyant. Ensure you are targeting companies within these areas.

Canvass Local Businesses

Contact local companies to ask if there are any opportunities; join a local business association such as the Chamber of Commerce to gain access to your region’s business network.  SME’s are prime candidates for using contract and temporary recruitment models.

Use The Internet

Create an online presence and ensure you are utilising online recruitment techniques such as social networking sites, blogs and virtual job fairs. Check companies’ own websites as well as job boards.

Be Open About Locations

You may need to look further a field to get the job you want.

Talk To A Specialist Recruitment Agency

Research the best in your area for your type of job and get in contact. Not only will a good agency be able to give you information and advice on your current marketplace and sector but they will also have access to the most prominent companies and positions in your region.

The key for jobseekers is to remain positive and have a flexible outlook. It may take longer than before in today’s climate to find a job but with careful planning and targeted activity, you will help edge yourselves in front of the competition. A flexible approach to job hunting is now key and it is important to have a career strategy in place with many options. You may only have considered permanent roles but you could also look at being more flexible and consider taking temporary/contract work. Searching for positions further afield as well as within industries you might not have considered before may also be an option.

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