Leap of faith takes recruiters one step closer to charity goal

Four colleagues from Norwich recruitment specialists Pure Resourcing Solutions have taken a giant leap towards an ambitious fundraising target after a sponsored sky dive this weekend.

On Saturday (18 August), the team of recruitment consultants each completed a tandem sky dive, raising more than £1,100 for the company’s nominated charity, East Anglian Children’s Hospices (EACH).

April Gotts, Angie Atkinson, Graham Moss and Tina Maguire took to the skies with the help of UK Parachuting in Beccles. In total 33 people jumped for EACH that day.

April described it as an amazing experience. She said:

“It didn’t feel at all like I expected. You are falling fast, but feel like you are floating, although it’s hard to breathe before the parachute opens. It was strange seeing colleagues in the air at the same time but we all loved it.”

Tina, who was the first of all the sky divers, said she would do it all over again.

“Now I know what to expect, I would definitely do another jump,” she added. “The first 40 seconds of freefall are petrifying but once the parachute opens the views are amazing!”

The team chose to do the sky dive to help meet Pure Resourcing Solutions’ 10 year anniversary charity challenge. The company has supported EACH, as well as J’s Hospice and other charities, since the business was established in 2002. More than £40,000 has been raised for the charities to date, and it aims to increase this total to £50,000 by its anniversary in September.

The jump, which was Graham’s idea, is one of many activities undertaken by Pure Resourcing Solutions to reach this target. Graham said:

“The sky dive was great, such an indescribable feeling. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting going up there!”

The brave foursome received lots of support from friends and family on the day, including Angie’s very excited one-year-old son William who sat on his Dad’s shoulders to get the best view of his mum flying through the sky.

For more information on the sky dive and to support the team visit:


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