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Whether you're looking to recruit or searching for a temporary role, we can help.

As the leading recruitment agency in East Anglia, we’ve been matching brilliant people with brilliant organisations since 2002. So if you’re recruiting for temporary workers, or looking for a temp role yourself, get in touch.

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Why hire temps?

Maybe you need an extra pair of hands for a short-term project, don’t have the budget for a full-time person or need to cover some holiday. Or perhaps you want to see if someone’s right for a particular role or check if a new position is viable. A temp could be the answer.

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How it works

Start by contacting us to talk about the role you’d like to fill. As well as helping you find the right person (or people), we’ll also:

  • checks your temps are eligible to work in the UK using Home Office-approved Identification Document Verification Technology (IDVT)
  • get two years of references and carry out pre-interview screening using a digital onboarding process
  • easy to use and flexible online timesheet system PureTemps provided by RSM InTime
  • complete ongoing compliance checks, including Agency Workers Regulations.

Our service doesn’t stop once your temps start. We'll also take care of payroll supported by our amazing in-house Payroll team.

Our promise to you

We’ll always give you the same excellent level of service, whether you’re hiring for a temporary or permanent role.

As a member of the REC, we are committed to the highest principles of ethics, equity, integrity, professional conduct and fair practice when it comes to recruitment. 

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Looking for temporary work?

A temp role is a great way to add new skills to your CV, or if you want extra flexibility you can’t get with a permanent role. Or it could just be an easy way to add funds to your bank account. Temporary roles can be a great option for the summer holidays, or even around Christmas.

Could temping be for you?

How it works

We help some of the region’s best businesses find temporary workers for short-term projects, employee holiday and extra demand. And we’re always looking to add to our pool of temp talent.

See what’s available

If you decide to sign up with Pure, we’ll find you temporary work at businesses that need your individual skills and experience. We’ll also make sure you’re ready to work with reference and eligibility checks. And our payroll team will make sure you get paid with weekly timesheets, and sort out holiday requests.

Any questions?

Get in touch with your local Pure office – we’ll be happy to help.